Garage Door Repair Farmersville CA

Garage Door Repair Farmersville CA
Garage Door Installation Farmersville CA

Need garage door repair Farmersville area residents? Garage Door Repair and Installations Company is your best choice for all of your garage door repair and installation needs. Our veteran owned company completes garage door repair tasks with military-like precision. No matter what type of garage door services you need, Garage Door Repair and Installations Company is the right company to contact.

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Why Choose Us?


There are a lot of garage door companies and people in Farmersville that claim to be garage door experts. However, there are only a handful of individuals in the greater Farmersville area that have the experience to fix a garage door with precision. Most repairs by Garage Door Repair and Installations Company are completed by the owner of the company. However, we do have other garage door repair technicians within our company. Each one of our team members have been carefully trained and vetted by the owner of the company to ensure they meet our high performance standards.


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It goes without saying that you want a garage door repair company to be honest with you. Unfortunately, the garage door industry is rife with garage door companies who want to take advantage of property owners. One of the most common ways some garage door companies will mislead property owners is to tell them certain components of their garage door are broken when in reality there is nothing wrong with them. Garage door sensor misalignment is a common issue with a garage door, but dishonest garage door repair companies may tell you that your garage door circuit board needs to be replaced when a sensor just needs to be realigned. Garage Door Repair and Installations Company has been built on honesty and integrity. We consistently give an accurate representation of the issues that are causing your garage door to not operate properly. Additionally, we will always give you honest, fair, and transparent pricing.


Unfortunately, the garage door industry has become inundated with scammers who are looking to take advantage of property owners. We have gone to great lengths to help Farmersville residents differentiate reputable companies like ours and from the companies who are looking to take advantage of people in our community. What are some ways you can tell the difference between reputable companies and the type of companies you want to avoid?

  • Reviews – You should always look at a company’s reviews online before your choose to hire a garage door repair company. Reviews can tell you what type of experience you can expect to receive from a company. Our company takes great pride in the overall experience we are able to provide to our local customers. We feel fortunate to have had so many customers write great reviews for our company. Pay close attention to a garage door company’s reviews before hiring them. That being said, some reviews should be completely disregarded.
  • Reviewers – Not all reviews are created equal. You should not just skim over reviews on Google. Unfortunately, low quality garage door repair companies will pay for fake positive reviews on their Google profile or even create their own fake reviews on their business profile. If you’re looking at reviews on Google Business Profiles, you should spend some time clicking on reviewer’s names on Google. First look for the company on Google who you are considering hiring. Next click to read all of their reviews. Then you can click on one of their reviewer’s names. When you click on their name, it will pull up a reviewer’s Google reviews and photos. Are the reviewers on that business profile consistently writing reviews for companies all over the world? Are the reviewer’s reviews hidden? Do the reviewers keep writing reviews for the same companies? Those are all signs that the garage door company you’re considering hiring has had fake reviews written on their Google Business Profile.
  • Licensed – First and foremost, here is our license number CSLB 995538 D-28. Every garage door service provider should have their license listed on their website. As a matter of fact, they are required to do so according to the California State Licensing Board advertising guidelines. If they do not have their license listed directly on their website, you should ask them directly for their license number. Companies that do not have a license, will tell you they are licensed and try to beat around the bush. It’s common for them to say things like: “I don’t know it off the top of my head.” “I’ll ask my boss for the license number and call you back.” “It’s in my truck and I don’t have it on me right now.” You would be surprised how often those types of excuses are used by unlicensed individuals. Once a person has given you their supposed license number, you should immediately go to the California State Licensing Board to make sure the license really belongs to the company or individual you are speaking with in regards to garage door repair services. Garage doors can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. For instance, the springs on a garage door are under an enormous amount of tension and if someone does not know what they are doing, they can release that tension all at once and be injured severely. In the state of California an unlicensed contractor can sue a homeowner for injuries they received on your property because you have violated the law by hiring an unlicensed contractor. If a contractor does not make their license information easily available, you should get documentation in writing from the company proving they stated that they were licensed at the time you hired them. Reputable garage door repair companies will always list their license number on their marketing materials. If a company is not forthright or is evasive when you ask for their license number, they are likely not a reputable garage door repair company. Garage Door Repair and Installations Company is and has always been a licensed garage door repair company.
  • Insured – All garage door repair companies should carry the mandatory amount of worker’s compensation insurance. California law requires that employers with one or more employees carry workers compensation insurance. Additionally, in order for a contractor to keep their license from being suspended, they must have workers compensation insurance. Our company, Garage Door Repair and Installation Company, is an insured. Insurance protects both the garage door company and employees if there is an injury while work is being performed. All reputable garage door repair companies will maintain worker’s comp insurance.

Those are just a few of the things you should consider when you’re looking for a reputable garage door repair or installation company in the Farmersville area. There are several other important factors that you will want to consider when making your final decision on which garage door company you would like to hire. One thing we always encourage people to do is to trust their instincts when it comes to hire a company. If you get a feeling that they are a bad company, you’re probably right.

Garage Door Repair

Farmersville CA Garage Door Repair

Our company, Garage Door Repair and Installations Company provides all types of garage door repair services to Farmersville residents including: garage door spring replacement, garage door panel replacement, sensor alignment & repair, battery backup installation, broken cable replacement, garage door roller replacement & more. The most common type of garage door service we perform is garage door spring replacement. All garage door springs will eventually break and require replacement. Our company is the leading garage door spring replacement company in the greater Farmersville area. Call us to schedule your garage door repair service today.

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Are you ready to replace your garage door? Garage Door Repair and Installations Company has a wide range of high quality garage doors available. Our company sells C.H.I. Garage Doors because of their dedication to crafting high quality, visually appealing garage doors that can stand up to the test of time. There are some brands of garage doors that need to be repaired so often that the cost of the repairs will exceed the actual cost of purchasing the garage door. Other garage door companies are willing to sell subpar garage doors that break easily and need constant maintenance.