Garage Door Repair Fresno CA

Garage Door Repair Fresno CA

Garage Door Repair FresnoAre you looking for the best garage door repair company Fresno has to offer? Look no further, Garage Door Repair and Installations Company is the best local garage door repair company in the greater Fresno area. There are a lot of different things that go into running a great garage door company. However, we feel that the most important thing we do as a company is listen to our customer’s needs. We have carefully crafted each step of a customer’s journey to ensure you have the best overall customer experience. When you need to buy a garage door, garage door repair, or garage door installation we are the best company to call in the greater Fresno area. Call us today to get your accurate and honest quote.

Garage Door Repair

Pricing – No one is excited to find out their garage door is broken or not working properly. It’s a surprise expense that no one can anticipate. Therefore, it makes sense that most people are looking for the lowest price they can find for garage door repair services. However, it’s important to note that there is no shortage of garage door repair companies and technicians that will quote you a low price just so you’ll agree to hire them. This is commonly referred to as a bait-and-switch tactic. The word bait represents the cheap price and the word switch refers to them switching the price. One way those garage door companies will try to justify the change in price is to “discover” something else wrong with your garage door. They will claim that their original price was before they found such and such was also broken or needed to be replaced. It’s not uncommon for them to give you a bill that is 2-4 times larger than what they quoted you. There are ways to reduce the odds of hiring these types of companies which we discuss in other sections of this website page. We are certain you want to get an honest, accurate, and great price on your garage door repair or installation. When you need an honest quote on garage door related services, call an honest company, Garage Door Repair and Installations Company.

Quality – There are a lot of reasons why quality of service is so important. First, garage doors have a potential to cause serious injury or even death. Improper garage door repairs put you, your family, pets, and property at a higher risk. Secondly, you want to have an accurate assessment of what is wrong with your garage door. Inaccurate assessments of your garage door problems can cause more issues and cost more money. Additionally, you want your garage door repairs to last. The higher quality of garage door services you receive, the less likely it will be that your garage door will have issues in the future. We feel a real sense of duty to make sure we are consistently providing the highest quality of service. Our veteran owned company completes each task with military-like precision. Garage Door Repair and Installations Company will never take shortcuts to save time or use subpar products to save money. Our dedication to providing an impeccable quality of service is second to none.

Our integrity and quality of service is second to none.

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Quality Products

Fresno CA Garage Door RepairGarage Doors – Garage Door Repair and Installations Company only uses high quality garage doors and garage door products that we know will not reflect poorly on our company’s reputation. We only sell C.H.I. Garage Doors. That is because we know they manufacture a product that we are willing to stake our reputation on. C.H.I. Garage Doors has managed to manufacture a high-quality garage door that is aesthetically pleasing and affordable too. You really can’t go wrong with C.H.I. brand Garage Doors. If you’re looking for a new garage door, we recommend going to look at C.H.I. Garage Doors website and we will help you get the best price possible on your new garage doors. Click here to view their garage doors. There is no doubt that a quality garage door is a primary factor in whether your garage door will stand up to the test of time.

Garage Door Openers – One thing that a lot of homeowners seem to look is the quality of the garage door opener itself. A garage door opener is the part of the garage door system that actually opens and closes the door. Some people also refer to them as garage door motors. A garage door motor needs to be reliable and capable of lasting over a long period of time. Not all garage door openers are worth installing. Some brands of garage door openers are poorly made and are not intended to last. We do not want to list the brands of garage door openers that are notorious for break downs, because we do not want to worry about legal action. However, we can tell you that we trust Liftmaster. We choose to sell Liftmaster garage door openers because they are not going to reflect poorly upon our company. They last almost twice as long as some of the most well known garage door opener brands. We work on all makes and models of garage door openers so we have seen our fair share of break downs with specific openers. If you want a quality garage door opener, call us. We will be happy to advise you on what garage door opener you need for a garage door your size that fits your budget. No price-gouging or gimmicks. Just great prices for high quality garage door openers.

Fresno Garage Door RemotesGarage Door Remotes – Always losing your garage door remote? We’ve been there too. Don’t forget to ask us about Liftmaster smart garage door openers. You can open your garage door right from your smart phone. You’ll never need to replace a garage door remote again.

Garage Door Springs – Garage door springs are essentially coils of thicker steel wire. Quality garage door springs will typically last 10,000 rotations (garage door openings) or more if your garage door is operating properly. If you have ever bent a paperclip back and forth until it has broken, think of garage door springs breaking as the same principle. It’s important to note that some brands of garage doors do not use typical torsion spring systems. Certain brands of garage doors have smaller springs in an enclosed tube that break frequently. We do not recommend and garage door brand that uses any other type of spring system other than torsion springs because they do not last. If you have a Wayne Dalton garage door and want us to convert your garage door to a torsion spring system, we can help. You will end up saving a lot of money in the long run if you have your Wayne Dalton spring system changed to a Torsion spring system. Our garage door repair company only uses the highest quality of garage door springs on the market. We do not install used garage door springs. Additionally, we do not purchase garage door springs from garage door equipment suppliers we do not trust. If you want the best prices in Fresno on garage door spring replacement, call us to schedule your garage door service call.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Fresno CAGarage door springs are responsible for carrying a lot of the weight of a garage door. When a garage door is opening the tension of the spring helps the motor open the garage door. When the garage door is closing, the weight of the garage door will compress the garage door spring. Garage door springs are an incredibly important component of a garage door’s system. If your garage door spring breaks it can cause damage to your garage door’s components such as the tracks, rollers, or drums. Garage door springs are a pretty straightforward type of repair for an experienced garage door repair technician. However, they are also the most potentially dangerous parts of a garage door. That is because the garage door spring is under an enormous amount of tension. Garage door springs are responsible for the most severe type of garage door related injuries. You should never attempt to repair or replace a garage door spring on your own. It’s also worth noting that when a garage door spring is broken, dishonest garage door repair companies may use it as an excuse to mislead you about the severity of your garage door issues. In addition to misleading about the type of repairs you need, we have seen less reputable garage door repair companies try to use all sorts of tactics to cut corners when it comes to garage door spring replacement. One common tactic they use is replacing a broken garage door spring with a garage door spring that is not new. If a garage door spring has already had thousands of cycles, it could break shortly after it is installed. Used garage door springs are cheaper than new ones so they save money. You should always take time to do research on any garage door repair company before hiring them for garage door spring repair. Always make sure any garage door repair company you hire is licensed with the Contractor’s State Licensing Board.

Garage Door Installation

Fresno CA Garage DoorsIf you’re looking for the best garage door installation company in Fresno, you’ve found them. Garage Door Repair and Installations Company has been providing Fresno and surrounding counties with a superior quality of garage door installation services for many years. Our owner’s military background has been paramount to our company’s principles. Every task we perform is completed with military-like precision. Every aspect of your garage door installation will be done to the highest standard possible.

The products we use, our technical skill, prices, and dedication to providing you with a great experience all contribute to our company being one of the most popular garage door installation companies in Fresno.

When you call our company, we will walk you through our entire garage door installation process. That usually starts with identifying the size of the garage door you need. Then we will show you the garage doors that we recommend based upon your budget. Our company will install most garage doors, there are some brands of garage doors that are so poorly constructed that we do not install them because we do not want their poor quality to be a reflection on our company. If you do not have a garage door picked out already, we strongly recommend C.H.I. Garage Doors. Our company has extensive experience installing all brands of garage doors. If you can think of a brand of garage door, we’ve installed them. We found that the C.H.I. Overhead Doors is a garage door manufacturer that produces the highest quality of garage door on the market. Additionally, their prices are more than competitive when compared to garage doors of similar quality. Once you have chosen a garage door, we will schedule a time to install your new garage door that is convenient for you. When we have completed your garage door installation project we will walk you through the work we have done. We will even follow up with you within a couple of weeks after the garage door installation to make sure you’re satisfied with the quality of our service and the garage door.

Garage Door Battery Backup

Fresno Garage Door Opener Battery BackupAll new garage door installations are required to have a battery backup unit. That law was put into place after deadly wildfires in California. During fires, people were unable to get their garage doors to open to get their vehicles out of their garage. That prompted the state to pass California SB 969 which requires manufacturers, sellers, and installers to make sure all newly installed garage doors have a battery backup unit. The battery is designed to turn on even if you lose power and open your garage door. If you do not have a battery backup and need to open your garage door, all garage doors have a release cord that is attached to the pulley and cable. When you pull that cord, your garage door will disengage from the garage door opener and allow you to manually lift your garage door. DO NOT use the release cord if your garage door is broken or not working properly. If you’re looking to have a new garage door installed make sure you ask any company you’re considering hiring whether or not they’re fee includes installing the mandatory battery backup unit.

Why Choose Garage Door Repair and Installations Company?

Reviews – You should never hire a garage door company before you have done in depth research. Your research should include reading a company’s reviews on their Google Business Profile. In addition to reading their reviews, you need to look into their reviewers. You can do this by clicking on a reviewers name on a Google Business Profile. Once you have clicked on a reviewers name, Google will redirect you to the reviews that person has wrote. That is unless the reviewer has “hidden their reviews.” Google allows a reviewer to hide their reviews. If more than 3% of the reviewers on a Google Business Profile have their reviews hidden, they are likely fake reviewers who get paid for positive reviews. The fact is Google makes hiding reviews very difficult to do. It is a multistep process that an average consumer will not take the time to figure out how to do because they have nothing to hide. Garage door companies who scam Fresno area residents will pay for fake positive reviews or create fake positive reviews on their own. Our company is proud of our reputation we have been able to build throughout Fresno. We have earned every single positive review we have received from our past customers. We do this by providing the best quality of service possible. We also follow up with every single customer after a job is complete to make sure they are completely satisfied with their overall experience. Our company has proven time and time again that if you put your customer’s needs first, keeping a great reputation is easy.

WASA Garage Door Repair Company MemberWASA– Our company is incredibly passionate about the garage door repair industry. We are not just dedicated to helping out local residents we are also committed to helping garage door organizations keep dishonest people out of our industry. That is one of the many reasons we are a proud member of the Western Access Systems Association (formerly California Operator & Door Association). WASA does their due diligence on companies before they are allowed to join their organization. They only allow reputable and trustworthy garage door companies to join their organization.

Licensed – All garage door repair and installation companies in the state of California should be licensed. Additionally, all licensed garage door repair companies are required to have their license number on all advertisements including their website. If a garage door repair company does not have their license number on their website, that’s a huge red flag. A lot of garage door repair website’s tell people they are licensed, but when you ask them for their license number to check the CSLB they are unwilling to provide their license number. Never under any circumstances hire an unlicensed garage door repair company. If they are injured on your property, you can be held liable for their injuries. Here is our company’s license with the state of California: CSLB995538 D-28. Feel free to check our license on the California State Licensing Board.

Insured – Hiring an insured garage door repair company is just as important as hiring a licensed garage door repair company. Garage door repair companies and all California companies with employees are required to carry workers compensation insurance. In addition to worker’s compensation insurance, the best garage door repair companies will have coverage to protect the property in case any accidents do take place.

Prices – We have the best prices in the Fresno area, period. There are other companies that might claim to have better prices, but as we discussed previously on this page, there is always a catch. Garage Door Repair and Installations Company wants to earn your long term business. We will give you a price that is more than competitive when compared to other licensed garage door service companies in Fresno.

Need Garage Door Repair or Garage Door Installation?

Call Garage Door Repair and Installations Company to get your garage door repair or garage door installation project started. Our quotes are straight-forward and honest, and our prices can’t be beat when compared to other reputable garage door repair companies. Thank you for considering Garage Door Repair and Installations Company for your garage door needs. We look forward to hearing from you.