Garage Door Repair Kingsburg CA

Garage Door Repair Kingsburg CA

Garage Door Repair KingsburgNeed garage door repair in the Kingsburg area? If want a new garage door installed, you are in the right place for that too! Garage Door Repair and Installations Company is the best garage door repair and installation company for the job. We are a local company with over 25 years experience in the garage door industry. We focus on providing our customers with the best quality of service possible. That is why we only use the highest quality of doors, parts, and installation standards. We are proud to be a Veteran owned and operated company. Our garage door repair company has built strong ties with the Kingsburg community and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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Garage Door Repair

Kingsburg Garage Door RepairGarage doors only work if all the different moving parts are working properly. The same can be said about their safety. It’s easy to forget that garage doors are very dangerous if they are not working or installed properly. Garage doors can weigh between 150-350lbs or more. Choosing a reputable and experienced garage door repair company is imperative. If a garage door is not installed properly, it can cause catastrophic failure resulting in sever injury or even death. Each year there are more than 30,000 injuries caused from garage doors.

Hiring a licensed garage door contractor is incredibly important. If you hire a garage door contractor who is not licensed and they are injured while on your property, you will be held legally and financially responsible for their injuries. Always check the CSLB to see if the garage door repair company you are considering hiring is licensed. You should not only make sure the garage door company is licensed. You should also make sure they are reputable. Unfortunately the garage door repair industry has become inundated with individuals who try to take advantage of less knowledgeable homeowners. It’s important to take a few extra moments to do research on any company you are considering hiring. Call us for a garage door repair esimate or you can read more below about some of the most common types of garage door repairs we perform.

Garage Door Repair and Instllations Company will continue to add more helpful information to this page to help Kingsburg residents learn more about garage doors. We look forward to hearing from you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have about garage doors, garage door repair, or garage door installation.

Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Spring Repair Kingsburg CAGarage door springs break more often than any other part of a garage door. That is because each spring is designed to turn a certain number of cycles. Garage door springs are made of metal and will eventually wear out. A garage door spring is designed to hold a vast majority of a garage doors’ weight. When a garage door spring breaks, the full weight of the garage door will be put on the rollers and garage door track. Many people make the mistake of causing more damage to their garage door system by attempting to open the garage door using the motor when the garage door spring is broken. Attempting to open a garage door when the spring is broken can cause permanent damage to your garage door motor.

Do not attempt to replace or repair your garage door spring yourself. There are a lot of videos online that attempt to tell people how to replace their garage door springs by themselves. While we definitely support the do-it-yourselfer-spirit, garage door springs are far too dangerous to attempt to replace on your own. Do not trust anyone but a garage door professional to change out your garage door spring. Inexperienced individuals attempting to repair or replace garage door springs are the most common cause of injury related to garage doors. Garage door springs are under a great deal of tension, when that tension is released, the force can cause life threatening harm. Garage door springs account for a large percentage of the 30,000 injuries each year caused by garage doors. You can trust Garage Door Repair and Installations Company with all of your garage door spring repair needs.

Torsion Springs or Torque Master Springs

In our company’s expert opinion, Torsion Springs are the only type of springs that should be used. Torque Master Springs are a type of springs that are put on Wayne Dalton garage doors. These garage door springs appeal to a lot of homeowners because they are not visible. Honestly, the idea of the springs is great. They are more visually appealing. Where the problem lies is with their performance. Torque Master Springs break so often that most homeowners opt to have the spring systems converted to traditional torsion springs. We feel that a company should never sacrifice quality of performance for profit. We recommend converting to torsion springs because the lifespan and quality of product is superior to Torque Master. Most of the new homes being built in the Kingsburg and surrounding areas have Wayne Dalton brand garage doors installed. That means that those homes are going to have Torque Master springs. If you are buying a new homes or garage doors, you should make sure you are not going to have continuous issues with your garage door springs. Trust the time-tested torsion springs.

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Garage Door Sensors Kingsburg CAEvery garage has a sensor on each side of the door. The sensor sends and infrared beam of light from one sensor to the other. If the beam of infrared light from a sensor on one side cannot reach the sensor on the other side of the garage door, the garage door will not be able to close. Garage door sensors are the most common cause for a garage door not functioning properly. Garage door sensors are designed to keep property, people, and pets from being harmed. If an object interrupts the infrared light beam when your garage door is closing, it will refuse to close. Additionally sensors will not allow a garage door to shut if the sensors are out of alignment. An out of alignment sensor is how unscrupulous garage door repair companies take advantage of homeowners. If a sensor is out of alignment some garage door companies will claim there is a bigger problem such as a motherboard failure. Garage door sensors need to be aligned properly. Additionally, other factors can cause them not to function properly. Even the sun can cause garage door sensors not to work. If you do not feel like the garage door company you are talking to is giving you an honest analysis of your garage door issues, you should never be afraid of calling another garage door repair company. Sensors are simple. So is finding the right garage door repair company. Call Garage Door Repair and Installations Company for all your garage door related problems.

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Kingsburg CAA quality garage door is only as good as its installation. That being said, our garage door company does not install any and all garage doors. We are very particular about the garage doors we sell and install. That is because our company knows that if we install a poor quality garage door or poor garage door parts and they fail, it will be a direct reflection upon our company. That is why we do not install garage doors that are sold at big box stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. We are a local and small garage door garage door company. Therefore, our reputation means the world to our company. We strive to provide the best quality of service, use the best quality of products, because our reputation is the most important thing to our company. We will not risk our reputation for any company’s subpar products. Garage Door Repair and Installations Company sells and installs C.H.I. Overhead Doors because their product is one we can trust.

You need to be able to trust your garage door installation company. Due to the wildfires in recent years, California now requires that all garage doors have a battery backup unit installed on all new garage doors installed. If the garage door installation company you are hiring is not going to install a garage door battery backup, it should be a big red flag. A company that is willing to break state laws will be willing to cut other corners that will put you, your property, and loved ones at risk. Hire a garage door installation company that will install a product in a manner that will safely last for years to come.

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